The airbag error sign lights up: causes

A car airbag error and damage is always accompanied by the airbag sign on the dashboard. Detecting the causes of an airbag error at a car service center is fairly easy, but doing it yourself is much more difficult. And you can scrap your car if it hasn’t had any gauges for a long time, here:

Airbag sign

Not everyone knows why the airbag sign on the dashboard lights up after starting the car engine. It happens because the safety system performs self-diagnosis, and there is no reason to worry. If an airbag sign is on for more than 60 seconds or just blinking without a break, it means that there is an error and it is necessary to pay attention to it.

An exception is the “PASS AIRBAG OFF” sign, which notifies that the front passenger airbag has been deactivated. The message will cease to illuminate on the dashboard when it is reactivated.

The airbag error message will cease to illuminate on the instrument cluster when the airbag is reactivated.

The airbag error sign can illuminate for many reasons. The problem may even lie in the malfunction of some element of the Airbag system, including seat belts, etc.

You can quickly find the cause of the airbag malfunction at an auto service center, because the error is always written as a code in the control unit. Its deciphering will help to get answers to all the questions.

The main causes of Airbag error can include the following:

Damage to the airbag, violation of their integrity;

Failure of the shock sensor;

Airbags in the car have expired;

Short circuit;

Faulty wiring;

No signal from any part of the safety system;

Vehicle doors are not properly closed;

Installation of additional equipment and replacement of the battery was not performed in accordance with the technical recommendations, which caused the system to malfunction;

Water and liquid on the sensor terminals;

Problem with the fuse;

Damage to the safety control module;

Faulty terminals and connecting wires. Possibly when the seats are replaced or the interior is not properly dry-cleaned.

Sometimes to get rid of the airbag error, it is enough to turn off the car and start it again. System will re-diagnose and if there is no problem, airbag sign will disappear and error code will be erased. If there is a serious problem, rather than a temporary short circuit, the Airbag sign will continue to illuminate.

Airbag error correction

In order to make the Airbag sign go out, it will be enough to visit a service station or car service, where a certified technician will be able to identify the real cause of the airbag sign illumination by the error code on the scanner. Based on the identified malfunction, repairs or replacement parts can be performed. After the repair, it is important to update the control unit’s memory for normal system operation and to re-diagnose the system.

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