Stainless steel scrap

Stainless steel which is obtained by junk my cars for cash is a group of alloys with a complex chemical composition. Its main property is a high degree of resistance to such factors as the effects of aggressive substances, moisture and various chemicals. The main alloying element is chromium and molybdenum, manganese, sulfur, nickel, titanium and other substances are also included. The production of stainless steel is a complicated, expensive and time-consuming process, and therefore recycling of this metal is profitable and necessary.

The industry’s demand for stainless steel is constantly growing and the supply of raw materials for its production is dwindling. Recycling scrap alloys from this group has the following advantages:

Resource savings. This also applies to minerals – ores of those elements that are necessary for its production, and electricity, which is used for processing in a much more modest amount. Over time, this circumstance is becoming increasingly important, since resource depletion is one of the most pressing problems of human development in the future.
Reducing the burden on the environment. Like the previous one, this factor has several aspects: there is less pollution of the environment, because mining is not required, less carbon dioxide is emitted during its production, and the nature is not polluted by various stainless steel scrap.
In addition, the collection of stainless steel scrap is considered by some to be a good additional income, due to the high prices of this product. Waste management and recycling is a reality of modern industry, and it is carried out at a high technological level.

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