How to independently check the suspension of the machine without a lift?

Taking into account the broken Russian roads, it is the suspension that has a significant load. It is necessary to regularly carry out its diagnostics, changing worn out parts, which allows you to maintain the good technical condition of the car. It is often difficult to carry out such diagnostics on their own without a lift, and many car owners simply cannot afford to go to the service and perform a professional check of the car every 5,000 – 10,000 kilometers. We will tell you in more detail how to independently diagnose the car’s suspension without a lift and how much for scrap car.

Self-diagnosis of the machine suspension
It is not at all necessary to carry out diagnostics of the car’s suspension on a special lift. Professionals completely refuse to use such lifting devices, since it is impossible to check a suspended car for knocks in the suspension and swing a car, it also becomes difficult to determine the backlash in the hinges of the struts and ball joints. Therefore, it is best to carry out the suspension test with the vehicle on the ground.

For such an independent check, you can use overpasses or inspection pits in the garage. If possible, diagnostics should be performed with an assistant who will rock the car, and the second person will directly observe the suspension behavior in the inspection pit and determine the appearance of knocking and backlash. If backlashes and knocks are detected during the initial check, in such a case, in-depth diagnostics are necessary.

All suspicious hinges are squeezed out of the parts, which makes it possible to determine their degree of wear and establish the need for replacement. To press out the bushings of the stabilizers and silent blocks, it is necessary to use assembly blades or suitable tools. It will be necessary to visually assess the condition of the rubber of the hinges, it is precisely such rubberized elements that quickly wear out from constant shock and vibration, and without timely replacement, they significantly worsen the condition of the entire suspension.

Individual parts can even be checked without a viewing hole, for example, to check the front struts, they put their palm on the central part of the shock absorber or the support bowl, and at this time the second person begins to rock the car. Vibrations with good shock absorbers should quickly decay. To check the condition of the upper shock absorber cushions and the presence of backlash in the bushings, you should pull the body of such parts with your hands, and if there is a backlash, they need to be replaced.

Let’s sum up
Self-diagnosis of the car’s suspension will allow you to determine the existing malfunctions with silent blocks, ball bearings, various guides and rods. Such a check can be performed on an inspection pit or overpass, all the work is best done with an assistant who will swing the body, which will allow you to establish the condition of the shock absorbers and the presence of play in the suspension elements. Experts recommend performing such an independent diagnosis every 2-3 months, which will allow you to identify existing faults in time and eliminate them in a timely manner.

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