All car owners, sooner or later, will face the question of changing car tires, often this need arises exactly when the time of year changes. Naturally, it is possible to use winter tires for summer driving, but tires of this type can not only provide comfortable driving conditions, but also will not be completely safe. Also, all car owners are faced with the question of how the toronto car scrap.

In the process of choosing, it is worth paying attention to the following components:

Tire size – this indicator refers to the ratio of the height of the tire, its width and the diameter of the outer type. The diameter of the seating type must fully correspond to the disc size, otherwise it is virtually impossible to install the tire. A wider tire type is able to increase the contact patch and as a consequence can improve the level of traction on the road while driving. In addition, this type of tire can significantly degrade the quality of the ride. When choosing a tire, you should also pay attention to the height of the tire profile, the lower the tire profile, the better the handling of the car will be.
Tread patterns – the pattern of this type is not needed to create beauty, first of all it is necessary for the correct operational features of the machine. There are several types of tread patterns:
drawing having non-directional symmetrical character – this option is the most common, as it is ideal both for driving in the urban cycle, and for driving on various trails;
drawing of directionally symmetric type – this type is able not only to remove water as quickly as possible, but also provide a fairly high level of grip with the road surface;
drawing having asymmetric type – is a universal tread, which can be installed even on off-road vehicles, as well as used in all weather conditions.
Speed index is a rather important indicator of tire quality and reliability. The higher the speed index value, the higher the level of grip the tire will have.
Load index – this index is capable of determining the level of load a car can withstand when riding at its maximum speed.
Tire carcass – tires can be both diagonal and radial, depending on this index. Diagonal tires are almost uncommon. Radial tires, on the other hand, are suitable for any type of car and are the most common.

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