Can I wash my car in the winter?

A popular topic among car enthusiasts is whether you can wash your car in the winter and is it worth applying to this company The answer is really simple: if there is frosty weather outside, it is better to refrain from washing the car, and wait until the thaw! Let’s try to understand – why is it so?

Anyone who knows a little bit about chemistry knows that the speed of electrochemical and chemical reactions depends much on the temperature, and metal corrosion is no exception. And from -7 and below the oxidizing processes practically stop. That’s why in severe frost there is absolutely no technical expediency in washing the car, and from the economic point of view, too. There is only purely aesthetic problem – body contamination under frost.

And now imagine that you go to a car wash when air temperature is -15. It turns out that the temperature of the body at this time will be similar to the indicators from the street. Meanwhile, the temperature of the water that will wash the body is much higher, and therein lies the whole problem. Perhaps you will find patient washers who will cool the water to +10, but even this is too big a difference.

Literally, your car gets a contrast shower, which will not affect in the best way both on a paint-coating and on anticorrosive protection. And after washing the car again will go to the street.

And now tell me, is it possible to wash the car in winter? I think the answer will be obvious. Yes, a clean car is much more attractive, but together with such “beauty” you additionally get a lot of micro-cracks on the whole paint coating. And under the paint is formed zinc-containing protective primer, which leads eventually to its separation from the metal. Well and you will sooner or later get plenty of rust.

However, do not hurry up to make premature conclusions that it is absolutely not necessary to wash your car in subzero temperatures. When the thermometer rises up to -5 degrees, the destructive processes will activate with new force, and then you may not only wash the body, but even it is necessary. Clean your car with cold water, wiping the stiffened dirt from the wheel arches and, if possible, from the bottom. It is recommended that you wash your vehicle once a week if the thaw is prolonged. Frequency of two weeks is better to observe in extreme cases.

After washing, it is not superfluous to smear the door seals, so the doors will not freeze in the cold. Special compositions are used for this purpose. Also “blow” with compressed air into the holes of keyholes, so the locks did not freeze, and then spray there a special solution that displaces water. After washing the car must dry at least half an hour, preferably in a warm place. Although it is not always possible.

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