4 reasons why summer tires can hum at speed

Quite often, drivers are faced with the fact that a set of new summer tires that have just been installed on the car begins to buzz, as soon as they pick up speed. On the one hand, this is a small problem, since the car always makes noise when driving, but on the other hand, not all tires are as loud. Where does this noise come from and what is scrap car removal brampton?

Rubber composition
Unlike winter tires, summer tires are made from a harder rubber compound. This is necessary in order for the wheels to better hold onto the asphalt warmed up by the sun, and also wear out less intensively. Some tire manufacturers choose a rubber that is too hard, as a result, the wheels are noisy when driving.

Tread type
The tread pattern on the tires also plays an important role. In large companies, highly qualified specialists are engaged in the development of the tread, who make sure that the tire is quiet, grips the road, brakes well and removes water from the contact patch with the asphalt. But not all tire manufacturers can afford such complex designs.

But the manufacturer is not always to blame for the noise of a tire. Quite often, the driver pumps the wheels on his car, which leads to the appearance of noise. Excessive tire pressure not only creates acoustic discomfort, but also increases shaking on uneven roads.

Reinforced frame
For driving on bad roads, where the tire can get punctured by stones and branches, special tires with a reinforced frame are made. This type of tire is not only durable but also noisy. The fact is that the hard sidewalls make the tire harder, which leads to the appearance of a rumble at speed.


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